Ware Society Town Award

Back in 1979 the Ware Society inaugurated a Town Award scheme. Every other year we invite nominations for a development or project that has been completed within in the preceding two years and which has enhanced the appearance or amenity of the town. New buildings, restorations, landscaping and gardening schemes all qualify.

Nominations for the award are invited from the people of Ware. Once received   these are passed to a panel of adjudicators comprising members of the Ware Society, a Council representative, a Planning or Architectural professional and a Schools Representative. The panel then considers the nominations and makes a judgement taking into account such matters as Design, Materials, Scale and Proportion and issues such as: -

Any actual contribution to its surroundings by upgrading the quality of the area.
Whether it has improved a previous eyesore.
Exhibition of exceptional craftsmanship or quality in its actual construction.
Special circumstances which should be taken into account.

An award of a special plaque is presented to representatives of the winner. In the early years of the scheme individual plaques were designed and made by students of Herts Regional College but latterly purpose designed and commercially produced units have been used. Some examples of the plaques presented in the years gone by are shown below and others can be seen at winning locations around the town. 


Since inception of the scheme the winners have been many and various , to see details of them all follow this this link:


Since inception of the scheme the winners have been many and various as shown below and in the following page