Ware Society Planning Role

The Ware Society and their members have an important role to play.  In these days of heavy pressure on our town from the developers it is more than ever necessary that ordinary people should have a say in how their environment is affected by developers and planners. The Ware Society is a body which brings together the views of its members and presents them forcefully to the local councils.

We know that Ware is a unique environment and we need to protect the historic nature of the town while allowing sensible changes. Few of the residents realize that people settled here for thousands of years well before the Romans came. Ware became an important Roman settlement, later it was a thriving Saxon and Medieval town and later still it became the premier malting centre of England. This history can be seen in many of the fascinating buildings of the town - St Mary's Church, Place House, the old maltings, the gazebos and nearly all of the buildings in the High Street which are timber-framed behind their later brick facades. But Ware is not just buildings. It has a strong and very special sense of community and is one of the friendliest towns in this part of England.

The Ware Society has an outstanding record in fighting to preserve the special character of our town. We campaigned successfully against the Relief Road (an "urban motorway" which would have cut the town in two), against demolition of the station, against disposal of The Priory and against massive development along the riverside overshadowing the gazebos. We initiated and partly funded restoration of the gazebos and of John Scott's 18th century grotto. We brought the Bluecoat Boy statues back to Ware, were co-founders of the Ware Museum and have carried out many small-scale improvements and planting schemes throughout the town.

More recently we have inputted to the Ware Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan, and have been part of the Steering Group which has successfully developed a Neighbourhood Plan for our town. We are also represented on the Steering Group concerned with the proposed development comprising some 1800 houses to the north and east of Ware.

To carry on with this work we need members, so if you would like to help us, all you need to do is to join the society.  You can do this either by coming to one of our meetings or by contacting us for a membership form.