Listed Buildings of Ware

We are very fortunate that Ware hosts many listed buildings along it’s high street and in some less obvious locations. Whilst these buildings are protected and the details listed by Historic England, up until now we have lacked a ready source of reference enabling visitors, and indeed residents, to both identify the buildings and learn something of their past history. We were therefore extremely pleased to learn that Richard Davis proposed to plug this gap by publishing his book “An illustrated guide to the listed buildings of Ware Hertfordshire”.

Richard completed the first draft of his book during the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing series of lockdowns. He then approached the Ware Society to seek our views on its content. We were excited to see the book particularly its excellent line drawings. We were able to help to some small degree in finalising the book, and provide some financial support with the cost of printing and publishing.

In its final form the book runs to over 190 pages. Its layout includes diagrammatical maps providing suggested routes that follow the order of the illustrations in the book.  Each Illustration is accompanied by a brief description together with, where possible, some background history on each of the buildings. This all serves to make the book both an intriguing and informative read and an ideal pocket guide to the history of Ware’s listed buildings.

We have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone who has an interest in the historic buildings of our town.

The book is available directly from the Ware Museum or by contacting Richard on The cost is £15+p&p.