The Gazebo Information Board

If you've walked past the Ware Gazebos recently you may have seen the new "interpretation board" on the south bank of the river Lea opposite the Saracens Head public house. 

The large collection of Gazebos are unique to Ware and form a special feature of our historic town.  It is the largest group of Gazebos on a riverside anywhere in Britain. These buildings were originally called Dutch Summer Houses, after William of Orange, but they were renamed "Gazebos" in the 1980's when they were restored to their current majesty.

The new information board gives a little of the history of the gazebos including a description of the changes to sections of the river, which for many years was an industrial waterway.  Even then, although the view from the Gazebos didn't look the same as today, it has always attracted many artists and photographers.

The Society are indebted to the family of Vera Tucker, Ware Museum and the University of Hertfordshire Heritage Hub for their generous support of the information board.

The Ware Society is always looking for ways to enhance our historic anc beautiful town and the gazebo infomation board is just one of the many small enhnacements the Society have made to Ware.  If you would like more infomation please contact us or why not come along to one of our monthly meetings?