The Ware Society.

Welcome to The Ware Society Website

Because of the ongoing situation with the COVID-19 restrictions it has not been possible to hold our regular monthly meetings at Ware Priory since our last one back in February 2020. As it seems unlikely that the situation will be resolved in the near future, we have decided to embark on the use of the Zoom video conferencing platform for future meetings. Details for your diary are given on our ‘What’s on?’ page of this website.

PrioryWelcome to the Ware Society. We are an active local organisation and a registered charity dedicated to preserving the town’s character and improving its amenities. We presently have in excess of 300 members, some local and some who have moved out of Ware but wish to preserve their links with the Society.

Maltings If you are interested in local issues both past and present we would love you to hear from you. Please browse our site and find out more about us and our activities including which include practical conservation projects.  Why not come along to one of our monthly meetings and find out more?

If you decide to join, you will benefit from our regular monthly meetings (on the last Wednesday of themonth) and will receive the Ware Society Newsletter three times a year. You will also be able to help out with our activities around Ware.

Blue Coat BoyHere are a few examples of the practical conservation projects the Society is involved in:

  • Commenting on planning applications that affect the character of our town.
  • Running a biennial Town Award Scheme for outstanding new buildings or restoration projects
  • Initiating the reinstatement of the riverside gazebos
  • Helping with the restoration of Scott’s Grotto (which is incidentlly open to the public on Saturdays and Bank Holiday afternoons (2.00 - 4.30 pm) from April to September inclusive)
  • Bringing theBluecoat Boy statues back to Ware.
  • Designing and, producing the Ware Heritage Map With support from the Town Council.
  • Reinstating the gates at the end of Bates Walk in St. Mary’s Churchyard.
  • Supporting the production of the Maltmaker Statue in the Memorial Gardens.
  • Publishing articles and guides including a series on “Reminiscences of Ware’s Past” and a revised edition of the Walk about Ware Guide obtainable from the Library, the Ware Museum or Scott’s Grotto.

For information about membership, please contact: us using the contact form